Herb Farm Subscription Box

A Monthly Reconnection to the healing power and magic of Nature


Located in the Otter River Valley of Southwestern Ontario Canada, the New NEW AGE is an herb farm and apiary inspired by Druidry and permaculture. 

Plants and hive products grown, raised or foraged at The New New Age farm are imbued with a transformational energy and the indomitable healing spirit of the wilderness.


Each box will centre around a common theme, appropriate to the season, and contain an assortment of artisanal herbal products; like herbal tea blends, honey, herbal honey infusions, beeswax candles, soap, lip balm, salves, room sprays, bath salts, incense, culinary spices and so on. All products are guaranteed to be either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic. 

Accompanying each box will be a written account of the ethnobotanical history of use of the featured herbs as well as recipe suggestions, accompanying artwork, magical talismans, bones, rocks, twigs, crystals, and other little gifts from the Carolinian forests of Southern Ontario.

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